matarVacations are grounding for me. Already finding myself reading and reflecting on questions wider than my own small life. Hearing the news in Turkey hit hard as I am perusing Hisham Matar’s new book, The Return, about the turmoil in Libya over the years. What possesses us to hyperfocus on our individual dreams while missing how our actions affect other people, other countries, other generations? Hisham spoke to a small group at the bookshop around 2006 about his first novel, In the Country of Men, about the loss of his father to Quaddafi. He writes in all of his work about fathers and sons in a moving and universal way. This book will set each individual reader thinking in his own direction – a wonderful wide-ranging work, the kind of book I call ‘all over the place’ which stays with you for a long time.

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Beth reads ‘the Return’ by Hisham Matar